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This is My MAIN BAND.
When I play with these two cats I can play to my hearts content. SWING, LATIN, 8BEAT, 3/4, BLUES, - everything is pedal-to-the-metal groovin'.

More than half of our tunes are original with all three members pitching in; NAKOJI's bluesy "MUY BIEN" and subtle bossa "TIFFIN"; RUBEN's 5/4 piece "CUSCO" and then I fill it out with such tunes as; "TRIANGLE", "AKI NO AOZORA(Autumn blue skies)", "SQUARE ONE", "MONKERILLY", "DABBLIN' in IT", etc.

The remainder of our tunes are mostly tried and true standards like; "BESA ME MUCHO", "WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR", "GEORGIA ON MY MIND", "O SOLE MIO", etc.

We cut a fairly wide path and have great fun along the way! We still don't have a CD but I'll be working on that real soon!

Triangle at LOVELY

Drunken Fish
Members; NORIO WATANABE(guitar,Leader), DONNY(elec.key), MASASHI KATO(bass),
ONDO-MUNDO(drums), RUBEN FIGUEROA(percussion)

Coming SOON!

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