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ライブの会場で、まだ?と聞かれるたびに、MOUSUGU! と言いながら、

みなさんに書き込んでいただける掲示板ページを作りました!--- 03.01.17

News? Newsのページへ。

 in English...

Greetings to everyone in World Wide Web land! With all thanks and credit going to Etsuko Kodera & Co., I've finally opened my long anticipated "official web site",, and have thus poked my head through the door into the 21st century!
It's not been easy - what with Etsuko having to work with someone with so little time and even less knowledge of computers as I - but I think we've got a site of which we can be proud.

For the time being we will be providing you with a schedule of my live performances, a bit of my personal history and musical back ground and links to various clubs, bands, and musicians with whom I work.
In the near future we also plan to include information and anecdotes about the musicians I'm working with now and have worked with in the past as well as news of events musically related and otherwise.

Again, Hats off to Etsuko and Hello World!
Welcome to!

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