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Well it's finally begun to cool down and now that it's officially fall I can dust off all of my " autumn" tunes.
I hope Y'all had a nice summer.It was pretty rainy here in Nippon But we made the best of it camping in the mud and getting to the river on a couple of sunny days.

Now we're looking forward to the fall colors, Dried Persimmons and picking apples in Nagano.
In Japan they call it "geijitsu no aki" which translates into "autumn of the arts" which also translates into the busiest time of year. Throughout Japan -in towns and schools -art festivals and events are held.

With singer-songwriter Akemi Mano I'll be performing at various junior high schools
In Aichi prefecture as well as schools in Mie, Nagano, Yamanashi and Miyazaki prefectures.
In November Drunken Fish will perform at Nagoya University of the Arts autumn arts festival.
Also I'll be making a guest appearance at Masako Nishikawa's dinner show at the Nagoya International Hotel as well as Caballero club's 20th anniversary concert at the Bottom Line.

All in all it makes for a very full schedule and I'll be looking forward to seeing my friends at the various concerts and events.

There's also some big news that, I apologize,
I'm a bit late in getting out and that is : starting in April (2003) I began teaching a Jazz Piano Major at the Nagoya University of the arts.
It's the first course of it's type at the university level in the Nagoya tri-prefectural area.
I'm really excited to be a part of such an undertaking and look forward to introducing these young adults to the world of Jazz and Jazz Piano.
All of your support on this one is much appreciated.

[On May 6th TRIANGLE played a concert at Nagoya univ. of Arts as a sort of introduction and celebration of the new course.
Mr. Kunio Ota took some very nice photos of the event - Check'um out at PIX!]


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